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Talking To Strangers


Spring 2023

Talking to Strangers is focused around the idea that through conversation and interaction with strangers, we can learn about different perspectives, broaden our understanding of the world, and ultimately build connections. A key goal of this project is to promote a culture of openness and curiosity while building community and meaningful relationships among people of all walks of life.

Throughout this project, I’ve spoken with people from New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Scotland, and India. In the United States I’ve conversed with a myriad of strangers, particularly in North Carolina. I’ve established connections with people from all walks of life. In the end I’ve found we are all human, we are all linked together by similar core values.

In order to showcase the beautiful strangers that I encountered, I developed a website that shows portraits, basic information, and interview quotes. This website was showcased in my Graphic Design Senior Exhibition titled 'Redefine Design.' The exhibition space included an interactive experience in which people were asked to answer questions that I had asked my featured strangers. Each question and answer was recorded on a notecard and dropped into a box. These responses will be featured on the website soon!

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